PowerBid was established in 2020 when the world began its slow pivot from COVID 19 Crisis Management to recovery.  It was clear that lockdown had a profound impact on how consumers behave with specific focus on a surge in e-commerce and digital acceleration. PowerBid realised that consumer behaviour changes will reshape the consumer’s decision journey and that companies will need to adapt fast. We identified the need for a unique South African Online Auctioneer Platform that would enhance ALL daily operations of South African Auctioneers. The aim was to develop a premium complete Auction Administration & Management program that can be integrated with all aspects of Auctioneering:

  • Warehouse & Stock Management
  • Management of Buyers and Sellers
  • On-site Auctions
  • Timed Online Auctions
  • Hybrid Auctions (On-site with live broadcasting)
  • Sales and Marketing of Auctions and Auctioneer Services

Due to the unique combination of expertise of the PowerBid Team, an online Auction Management programme was developed with very unique selling points:

  • Software Stability and Reliability
  • Responsive web design (can be used on any device)
  • Individual Client Control and Customisability
  • Modular options with supreme flexibility
  • Full integration capabilities with plug-ins like Mail-chimp & YouTube
  • Built in Customer Communication Settings for emails, SMS’s, Facebook etc
  • Extensive database for sales, marketing and reporting
  • Built in Google Search Engine Optimization with Google Analytics Code Embedded

The vision of PowerBid is to have an Online Auction Management System that puts the power of the bidding process in the Auctioneer’s hands. Our system is flexible, adjustable and provides powerful information as built into the database.

As we are Proudly South African and locally accessible we can provide excellent training and support to South African Auctioneers.