How do I arrange for a Demo of the Program?

We will shortly have a Demo Video Link available.  

Whilst we are in the process of developing this video link, please email lizette@powerbid.co.za for more information.

Is this a complete Auction Management System?

Absolutely!  This program can be utilised for:

Warehouse Management

On-Site Auctions

Online Auctions

Hybrid Auctions

Ongoing Auctions

..... and it can serve as your website as many additional pages and information can be added!

Can I only use the Online Auction Module?


This program has been written with modular flexibility, which means you only have to specify the modules that you would like to use and that will benefit your business


Can I integrate this program with my current website?


There are quite a few options, but we prefer one of 2 options:

1.  A link button is created on your web page, that will direct to the Bidding Platform (branded to your preference)

     *   The bidding site will be hosted by Powerbid

2. Transfer your web page to the Powerbid Platform.  Our program has a fully flexible and customisable web "page" that can be adapted according to your preferences

     *  Please contact lizette@powerbid.co.za for further details




I do not have my own website, can I use yours?


Please refer to FAQ 4

Does Powerbid have API Functionality?


Your needs can be discussed with our Programming Team.  We have full API Integration Functionality


Why does Powerbid not have a Mobile App?

Web apps are designed to be fully functional and accessible on whatever device a user chooses to use because they run on a browser. Mobile or desktop browser, web apps operate equally well. In other words, when it comes to web apps’ compatibility, you can be sure that they will run easily on any device if they use the correct code base and web technologies.

Sometimes the differences between a web application and a mobile website can cause a bit of confusion. To clarify, a web app is essentially a website that is designed in a fluid manner, such that is suitable for responding to being viewed on a mobile device web browser

Unlike mobile apps, web apps do not need to be downloaded, so users can access them through Internet connectivity. 

Google Search Engine Optimisation runs very effectively through web applications.

What is even more exciting is that research have shown that sites that started using Web Apps instead of Mobile Apps have shown an increase of up to 40% in web traffic and sales!